Fred Hall Shows

We will be attending both the Fred Hall Shows. Long Beach is March 5-9 and Del Mar is March 26-30. Stop by and check out some of our specials. We look forward to seeing you there.


Lower Owens River Wild Trout Section:  26-Feb-08

The flows are at 200 cfs as of today. However, the flows will be coming back down to around a 100cfs starting tomorrow. The water temperature is in the low 40s. With the recent increases in flows the water has been on the cloudy side making the fishing a bit tough. This should change as the water levels drop. There has been a baetis hatch about mid afternoon and the fish have been keying in on them. Blue winged olives and blue duns in sizes 16-22. Nymphing throughout the day has been productive as well. Tiger midges, wd-40s, ultra midges and pheasant tails in sizes 18-20 should do the trick.

Drifting the Lower Owens River (Laws to Warms Springs Road)  26-Feb-08

With the cooler weather the fishing has slowed down a bit. The water temperature is about 40 degrees in the morning and warms up to 44. Never the less, the rainbows are still willing to take a streamer that is stripped slowly. Some of my favorites are spruceaboos, hornbergs and zoo cougars. There has been a baetis hatch mid day and some of the fish have been keying in on them

For those of you that have drift boats there is good news. The Inyo County Sheriff is starting to crack down on the people that block the putins and takeouts on the river. If you encounter this problem or are hassled about putting your boat in or taking it out, call the Inyo County Sheriff and file a report. The rivers is there for all to use equally not just a handful.


Owens River Gorge:  26-Feb-08

The fishing here is good in the winter. No need to get down there early. Let it warm up a bit. Most any fly will do the trick here just keep it 16 and smaller. I typically use a size 16 yellow or orange stimulator with a flashback bead head pheasant tail or a tiger midge as a dropper.

East Walker River:  26-Feb-08

No report


Crowley Lake:   3-Dec-07   

Closed until April 26, 2008.



Pleasant Valley Reservoir: 26-Feb-08

Tubing near the inlet has been very productive using wooly buggers and matukas in olive and black. Most of what is being caught is the stockers


Hot Creek:   26-Feb-08

If you don�t mind putting on snow shoes or X-country skiing the fishing is worth it. There are several feet of snow to deal with. The snow keeps the crowds down. Most of the activity has been from morning to mid-afternoon. Try using wd 40�s, ultra midges, tiger midges on the bottom and BWO�s on top.

Upper Owens River:  26-Feb-08

The fishing here has been good. Some days better than others though. Nymphing with pheasant tails, tiger midges and wd 40�s are as good as any. A dry and a dropper is a good bet here also. Make sure the top fly has some bright color. Stripping wooly buggers, matukas or zoo cougars should do the trick. Park your car at the bridge and walk up stream as there is no road access due to snow.


San Joaquin (Reds Meadow)   3-Dec-07

Closed until April 26, 2008.



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